We Return Before Leaving Tomorrow

Good evening everyone! Dave and I got back from the studio on Monday and we've got a good handle on a couple new songs. Here's the update: "Sarah (Sits and Cries)" might make you think you're listening to a pop song in the hull of a pirate ship. It's complete with canon booms, clickety-clacks and Dave swabbing the deck on broom (he's turning out to be quite the broomist). "The Party Goes On" is probably the darkest thing I've written to date. Dave's rocking some fuzz on this and I think Tyler and Mike are going to duel for bass rights - or perhaps they'll just have dual bass solos. Either way, it's going to be a party of sorts.

In other news, I'm going up to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York tomorrow night with Dami. She's going to play some cello and I'm going to play the lovely grand piano provided by Rockwood Music Hall (where we're playing). We go on at 4 pm on Saturday and we'll be playing a couple new songs. Stay tuned!