Final Recording Session - Day 1

Hey all, So I flew out Friday evening from BWI and ended up missing my connecting flight in Philly. US air was nice enough to put me up at the Marriott connected to the airport: 20121104-231425.jpg Got to see the sunrise from the plane Saturday morning though on the way out: 20121104-231540.jpg Saturday was spent just hanging around town. Tyler had to run sound for the Vulgar Boatmen at the White Rabbit at night which turned out to be an awesome show.

Today was the first day in the studio and it was quite productive. Finished vocals and backups and touchups for rocker 'No Stranger to Heartache' and calypso jam 'Justin, It's Over.' Trumpeter Hubert Glover stopped by to help fill out songs 'Shine' and 'Come On.' 20121104-231606.jpg Just about to call it a night. I'll do a recap tomorrow. Should be able to finish everything up easily with time to spare.