Eureka Bird embarks on tour alone Hey Everyone,

Just to clarify, I'm going on tour SOLO.  Alone.  All by myself.  I'm going as 'Eureka Bird' which is singular (get it?  it's because the full band is 'Eureka Birds' - plural - and I'm not going with the full band).  I've chosen to tour solo because of the following:

  • Dave is in school and can't take off two weeks
  • We don't have a drummer (I've been recording the drums lately)
  • I can save money on gas by taking my Honda instead of the van
  • It's easier to book a solo act in smaller venues than a full band
  • I really like doing solo shows

So please, come out and keep me company and check out our facebook page for the events along the tour. Also, Eureka! Ep is finished and will be on sale starting November 2nd at the Hexagon show.

Hope to see you then! Justin