They're Weird Over There

So instead of heading up to Montreal last week, I decided to make a break for the coast and ended up in Portland, Maine. To be truthful, it wasn't exactly my decision...

After my show in Burlington, VT, I drove an hour north to the Canadian border figuring I'd get into Montreal late that evening and be able to relax the next day before my show. Unfortunately, the Canadian border patrol had other ideas for me. Since I didn't have a work visa, I wasn't allowed in the country (they found out I had a show - those sneaky Canadians!). I tried explaining that I was playing a smaller bar and was only hoping to play for dinner and a few drinks but that didn't matter. They turned me around.

I will say that it was comforting coming back into the states. When I told the US patrol-lady what happened she smiled and said "they're weird over there."

Enjoy the small clips of coastal Maine that I took. Though it's tough to tell, those waves were huge!