The Road, Pt 2

Hey again,

We're still keeping things together over here despite the terrible weather following us across the country. Our show two nights ago in St. Louis was terrific. Got to hear the wonderful St. Louis duo dubbed Dubb Nubb and Lawrence, Kansas' Cowboy Indian Bear. Really great stuff - you should check it out. Last night we played in a small bar called Mike Kelley's Westsider in Kansas City, MO. Despite the awkward crowd who wasn't really into us, we had a great time and great meal with the owner Mike before we were on our way.

In Wichita, we ran into this bevy of black birds (or are they crows?). As ominous as they look, we think that they're here to bring us some good luck and hopefully some good weather tomorrow.

Tonight, we're playing Kirby's Beer Store in Wichita and it's a nice looking crowd here already. It's kind of a towny bar with good beer and pizza. Hope to see you here!

More soon, Justin and Kevin