News News News!

Sorry for the delay, It's been a mixed up couple of weeks for us over here. Lots of stuff going on. First, I'd like to introduce our new bassist Scott Hesel. He looks like this:

Scott's a great guy and is really helping us move the project along. In fact, we plan to debut at least three new songs at our upcoming Metro Gallery show (see Facebook event). We've begun demoing new material and we're planning on visiting Mr. Tyler Watkins in the next couple months to work on MYSTERY RECORDING #3. Will it be another EP? Sophomore album? Single? Will it involve another fundraising campaign? I hope we can answer all these questions soon.

I will tell you that SOMETHING is going to happen before our October tour we're planning. If all goes well, the loop will look something like this:

That's it for me. Please keep in touch and watch for exciting things on our Facebook.