Hope everybody's excited about the early glimpse of winter we're getting here in Baltimore. I figure we'd share a clip of us playing our new song "Snow" at the Metro Gallery last Wednesday. A finger was over the mic for the first few secs so don't turn it up too loud until it kicks in for the chorus. Thanks to everyone who made it out and especially Jim for taking the video!

We'll be recording this one - as well as two others - with Tyler over Thanksgiving. Here are the lyrics if anyone's interested:


I love the winter but I hate being cold Warm by the fire is favorable I love sleddin but I hate the wind It burns and dries out my skin

But when it snows You can feel it in your bones it's so pretty Paints the night sky purple in the light of the city

You know I love you but I hate all the mess it brings When you sit me down drunk on the porch swing Sayin this and that and "Honey my how you've changed You're like a leafless tree so sad in the rain"