Post recording dispatch and Indy river retraction: the amazing technicolor dream birds

First of all, I would like to apologize for stating that Indianapolis doesn't have a river. I wasn't aware of the glorious White River, located west of the city. Our studio was located on the eastern side of the city in the charming-hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant belt. I will say that if the river resembles the rest of the city, then you've got a pleasant a body of water on your hands. On this trip, we became the amazing technicolor dream birds: totally trippy songs, man. In fact, we went so far into the other dimension that we almost ended up in the Legends Theatre. You know the Legends Theatre, right? This is what it looks like:

Thank heavens that we didn't end up there. That would be the worst performance to ever witness, right?  Jim Morrison reciting some unfinished poem while Buddy Holly and John Lennon sing over each other. No rhythm section, and apparently Janice Joplin is still an alcoholic in the spirit world.

Unfortunately, I actually have been to Legends Theatre.  It happened one night after taking an unidentified substance my senior year of college.  I saw Fela Kuti and Tito Puento attempt a discombobulated afro-beat/latin fusion jam, which predictably ended in fisticuffs between the two luminaries over where the "one" landed.  Needless to say, I never saw Igor Stravinsky hightail it out of a nightclub so quickly in all my years of inter-dimensional traveling.

They honestly need to close Legends Theatre immediately.