'Strangers' is finished

Dear Internet,

After a little over a year, 3 trips to Indiana with 4 dudes in a Honda Fit, 1.5 plane rides, 11 trips to esteemed mexican place La Parada, hundreds of Coors Lights, about 23 falsetto Justin vocal harmonies, one Dracula defeated (at the end of Castlevania - we did it!), and 2 calypso jams we have an album that is finished.  The album has 11 songs and was recorded over 11 days with Dave, Scott, Dan and me - this is the first record we've done as a full band.  We just got the masters back from Emily Lazar up at The Lodge in NYC.

We spent a lot of money for sounds.

We spent a lot of money for sounds.

In the next two months, we'll play a few smaller shows and will be recording a music video.  This Saturday we're at Cafe Nola in Frederick with the lovely Dana Falconberry and her band.  July 20th we're playing an intimate set at Club K here in Bmore with Tallahassee (who's new record just came out today).  By August, we'll have our vinyl/CDs pressed and will be ready for our CD release show which will likely be at Ottobar.  Keep in touch.


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