The Future is Now

There are a few new things going on with the Birds Eureka: 1)  I bought a van that looks something like this.  Hopefully we'll see you New England people a good bit this Fall.

2)  The second album is slowly coming together.  A combination of things (...$) are making it difficult to finish in a timely manner.

3)  We may be saying goodbye to members Jason and Mike (drums and bass).  Dave and I have a band philosophy that includes some touring and the heart of our rhythm section isn't able to get on the road.  I assure you there are no hard feelings about the matter.

4)  I'll be playing a few solo shows in Baltimore over the summer before a small New York jaunt in September.

5)  We're sort of broke.  I took the free download off the site because I want to encourage people to donate to us by buying mp3s at Music Floss (a site where musicians keep 100% of profits and the cheapest place to buy our album).  If you still want the album for free, most of the songs have been blogged on Hype Machine and you can download them on related blog posts.  This is much cooler than getting us on torrents and you don't need to make Lars Ulrich get all upset.

Love you all.  Hope to see you soon.