Here we come Indiana.  Crossroads of America?  Perhaps.

What is this, our 8th trip out there?  I think so.  No big deal, it's only 583 miles and about 9 hours, 31 minutes, according to Google maps.  This, of course, assumes that we'll be driving the speed limit.  You know, Dave got a bad ticket last time so we'll probably take it slow this time around.  We'll probably also stop off in Columbus, OH for some margaritas at Mad Mex if we're not too late.  It's becoming the tradition to meet up with Erik (violinist) on the way out.

This time, Erik's going to put some strings on a few of the songs starting Wednesday.  It looks like Monday and Tuesday will be spent getting foundations ready for him.  Anyway, here's the goal for the week:

  1. We'll Get By
  2. There Was Light
  3. Mila Don't Make a Sound
  4. Sarah (Sits and Cries)
  5. That Mountain is a Volcano
  6. The Party Goes On

Let's see how we do...